gMax is a new and very large personal desktop FDM 3d printer with an incredible
16” x 16” x 9” (2,304 in3) build volume!
Built with a sturdy aluminum frame, this printer is simple to modify and ready to print all of your large and small designs with ease. Once your print is finished, just remove from the bed and enjoy - no additional steps required! The gMax 3D printer is the most affordable printer of this size on the market without the sacrifice of quality.
Available as an easy to assemble kit, it has also been designed to be easily modified and updated as you desire - adding new parts takes minutes and is as simple as sliding in a bolt.



Design your print using a wide range of 3d software and export it as an .stl file. From Sketchup to 3d Studio Max, many programs are available which will fit any budget. There are also an increasing number of online portals where 3d models can easily be downloaded.



Once you have a 3d model you would like to print, it's time to load it into one of the many open source slicing programs available. For example, Slic3r is a great free program which is constantly being updated with new features. The slicer will create a series of slices through your 3d model which will guide the print head.



Start up the open source printer software and load your file. Then click print and wait for the printer to heat up and start.



Once your print is complete simply pop it off the print bed and you are ready to use your part. The part will be cool to the touch and no curing, cleaning or additional hardening solution is required. Why waste your time with additional steps when you can be using your printed part right away.

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Check below for images of the printer, printed parts and accessories.